Monday, 6th April 2020

Eurostar turns to Masergy to support and secure its digital transformation

Since 1994, Eurostar has been carrying passengers to and from Europe via the world’s longest undersea tunnel, the Channel Tunnel; averaging 10 million passengers annually and totalling over 150 million since its first departure.

In that time, Eurostar was forced to integrate many separate digital services, including essential mobile and web apps for customer booking, into its network and consequently the network was no longer performing optimally.

Also, many of Eurostar’s applications had moved to AWS and it already leveraged Cloud storage and collaboration, therefore the reliability of their network, as well as its performance and flexibility had become critical in the daily operation of the business.


In the wake of several high-profile attacks, network security had become a major focus for the company, especially since the introduction of Europe’s GDPR guidelines. Eurostar wanted to ensure its network was resilient enough to cope.

Eurostar’s train stations throughout Europe and its offices, ticket & call centres in the UK, France, Belgium and India, all required robust connectivity to ensure its customer services were available 100% of the time.

To reach Eurostar’s objective of becoming a ‘customer-first company’, easier centralised management, the ability to flex bandwidth and real-time visibility of data were all required.


Eurostar had some initial concerns about whether a US company would be able to service its European and UK and Indian sites. But after learning about Masergy’s innovative custom WAN capabilities, Eurostar was satisfied it was making the right choice.

Masergy’s Software Defined Platform and Managed Security Services deliver comprehensive global coverage and robust network protection. As such, features like real-time bandwidth on demand and quality of service options for improved application performance, as well as 24-hour monitoring by Masergy engineers, were all well received.


· Direct and Private connections to Eurostar’s AWS Cloud environments offer both primary and backup connectivity.

· 24/7 monitoring by Masergy compliments Eurostar’s IT team, helping to pinpoint risks and vulnerabilities.

· Eurostar’s team finds more time to work on business-critical and forward-looking projects.

Thanks to Masergy, Eurostar now has real-time visibility, control and analysis of its network, which allows it to make more agile, data-driven decisions to enrich its customer experience. Backup connections and Masergy’s experience in creating bespoke WAN platforms have all combined to bolster the network’s defences and ensure 100% resilience for both customer-facing and internal services.

What’s more, now that Eurostar’s IT team has more time available, engineers can focus on designing infrastructure solutions for the business and integrating with more third parties.

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