Thursday, 12th December 2019

Cloudbooking launches global partner programme to support smarter workspaces

Cloudbooking announces the launch of its global partner programme, led by Rachel Collie, who was recently appointed as Cloudbooking’s global channel partner manager. The innovative programme enables facilities managers and business leaders to easily access key workspace data from Cloudbooking, and its partners. This will help inform decisionmakers about creating smarter, self-sufficient spaces that are cost-effective - a key part of Cloudbooking’s global strategy.

Cloudbooking recognises the need to focus on implementing adequate support processes and tools when working with both new, and existing, partners across different verticals that support their customer requirements. The new partner programme has been launched to address this very need.

The programme will provide partners with connections to all of Cloudbooking’s clients, which will increase their lead generation thanks to a bolstered service offering. Cloudbooking partners will also receive extensive training and marketing support.

“The brand-new partner programme is just one element of our dedication to our customers, who are under the strain of growing employee demands and expectations in the workplace. This means time to focus on product evolution and differentiation can be limited, with end-customers needing to come first. This is where data-driven insights have become pivotal – from moving business models away from meeting employee demands, to driving smarter workspaces that are conducive to collaboration and productivity, while revealing operational and cost efficiencies,” comments Rachel Collie.

“Such pain points have driven our global partner programme strategy to enable partners to realise greater value from collaborating with the partner network we are striving to create,” adds Collie.

"Our customers are seeking more clarity on the value their workspace technology is bringing to their business. It’s important that the data available helps them make strategic business decisions that will help drive costs down, while truly optimising the workplace. Cloudbooking meets all of these criteria and is a strong partner in our enterprise solutions portfolio,” said Tim Sone, chief executive officer for Embrava.

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