Tuesday, 21st January 2020

CloudBees Flow platform raises the bar for customer-built release processes

CloudBees has released version 9.1 of CloudBees Flow™ – the industry’s first unified Application Release Orchestration (ARO) platform built for DevOps at enterprise scale. The new release builds on the strength of the former ElectricFlow orchestration platform CloudBees acquired in the recent purchase of Electric Cloud, adding a series of enhancements that make it easier than ever to eliminate release anxiety across the entire software delivery chain.

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CloudBees Flow helps drive IT efficiency by automating and orchestrating software releases, pipelines and deployments with the analytics and insight to measure, track and improve results. New features will smooth and customize the orchestration process further, offering more personalized dashboards, new data archiving and more real-time visibility into a release’s path to production.

"A few short months into using CloudBees Flow, we were able to dramatically reduce the deployment times of our services from days to minutes,” said Jeroen Boks, CIO, TOPdesk. “We have gained valuable insights about which of our services are more successful than others by using CloudBees Flow to break down the development silos and identify the issues and gaps in the deployment process. This has significantly sped up our feedback and learning cycle."

CloudBees Flow includes the following new features:

Release Command Center customization – Fully customizable dashboards that allow users to display their own custom data, highlight a given release pipeline and more effectively report on their own release process.

Data archiving – Ability to archive older data to the system of their choice for regulatory and compliance purposes.

Path to production with inventory – Full visibility into how a release is progressing, including a way to accurately view the inventory that is being deployed to a given environment.

Release portfolio feedback – Better insights into the overall release and all sub-pipelines with the ability to distinguish between various legends and color-coded views using a new, intuitive interface.

Release pipeline execution – Greater flexibility and full control for release pipeline execution with the ability to:

○Run tasks out of order

○Pre-run tasks in future stages for flexibility in running tasks out of order, improving efficiency and control

○Prevent conflicts and errors by marking application deployment processes to require exclusive access to an environment

○Ensure one deployment is run at a time

“In this release of CloudBees Flow, we wanted to extend our customers’ ability to ‘choose their own DevOps’ – to do DevOps their way,” said Shawn Ahmed, vice president of product marketing, CloudBees. “Taken together, this new release of CloudBees Flow helps teams advance their goals of delivering software in a more predictable, scalable and collaborative way. It’s not just about speed. It’s about moving fast while having the confidence and the peace of mind that your processes are aligned and your builds are following the right path.”

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