Tuesday, 21st January 2020

Ability gallery offers more insight and more access

When promoting apps and services to consumers, most developers tend to run into the same challenges for their products: Access to their consumer groups is reliant upon those groups first discovering their offers – whether through an app store or through other means, such as recommendations or websites. However, with the plethora of apps on the market, it has become harder and harder for new, innovative services to stand out. This is where the HUAWEI Ability Gallery comes in to offer developers an organic and convenient way of providing their services to customers.

Consumers tend to install apps in batches whenever they are interested in actively discovering new services. Conversely, when they feel a dire need for a service, they tend to look for the first thing that their chosen app repository presents to them. This presents different challenges as well: When installing entire batches of apps, the users tend to forget about some of the apps they have installed almost immediately – they have no immediate need to use the service whose app they installed, and when the time to use the service has come, they don’t remember that it even existed in the first place.

Organic promotion of services through matching abilities

HUAWEI has worked hard to tackle this challenge. With the HUAWEI Ability Gallery, the company has made an important step forward in helping developers promote their services at the precise moment it’s needed. The HUAWEI Ability Gallery intelligently gauges user intent – and offers the matching service to users directly, without them needing to install an app. For example, when a user has an upcoming flight at a specific airport, the HUAWEI Ability Gallery can augment the calendar reminder with not only a recommendation for a taxi service to take the user to the airport, but accurate information on the time needed for the transfer and the costs of the taxi provider as well.

To do this, HUAWEI AI technology accurately distributes services based on a number of inputs – including searches, images, time and location information. When a user’s intent (such as “I need to go to the airport!”) matches up with a fitting ability (such as “when a user needs to catch a flight, we offer him a ride”), the service is recommended to the user directly through multiple access points through the HUAWEI ecosystem.

With the HUAWEI Ability Gallery, HUAWEI is able to solve the most pressing issue service providers have today: Bringing their service to the right group of consumer. By only offering the service when it is needed, and offering real added value to the user, the services offered through the HUAWEI Ability Gallery come as trusted recommendations that can be used immediately, rather than advertisements that pop up regardless of the user’s need. Because of this, users are more likely to interact with a service presented to them – and feel that the service was there for them right when they needed it. Users have full control over the services by switching it on and off in their system settings. HUAWEI Ability Gallery and the related personal data processing activities are built to safeguard users’ privacy and to meet the requirements of GDPR.

On the HUAWEI Developer platform, developers can upload their apps to distribute them globally and integrate them with the HUAWEI Ability Gallery.

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