Monday, 10th August 2020

NTT Communications to launch "JPX-SGX Co-Location Direct" for lowest-latency connection between JPX & SGX colocations

Unprecedented connection between financial markets in Japan and Singapore enables high-frequency traders to save costs and increase competitiveness.

NTT Communications Corporation has agreed with the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to launch of JPX-SGX Co-Location Direct, the telecom industry’s lowest-latency service for international leased lines that directly connect the colocation facilities of JPX and SGX. The service will start from April 2015.

The unprecedented service will be realized with NTT Com’s own Asia Submarine Cable Express (ASE), which provides the shortest cable route available between Japan and Singapore, as well as the company’s strong working relationships with both JPX and SGX.

JPX-SGX Co-Location Direct will provide cost savings as well as unmatched low-latency connectivity, enabling traders to strengthen their competitiveness in high-frequency trading and related business. Increasingly complicated market structures and changes in financial regulations are compelling high-frequency and algorithmic traders to seek out ICT infrastructure offering the fastest connections to principal exchanges worldwide.

High-quality, high-reliability network
As the operator of ASE, NTT Com will offer industry-leading low latency between its datacenters in Japan and Singapore. Furthermore, so no local telecom will be required because NTT Com has network facilities on the SGX colocation floor to ensure the fastest and most secure service possible.

One-stop services for co-location and operation
NTT Com’s recent certification by JPX as a Co-Location Support Vendor will enable the company to offer not just connectivity but total JPX colocation services between JPX and SGX, including network equipment at both exchanges, "remote hands" agent service to perform maintenance on customer’s network facilities at the datacenters, monitoring and bilingual helpdesks (phone and online) to centrally handle applications for all services.

Collaboration with JPX and SGX for cost savings
Collaboration between JPX, SGX and NTT Com to connect the two exchanges’ colocation facilities will enable NTT Com to provide reduced-cost end-to-end services that enable high-frequency and algorithmic traders to lower their costs of operation.

According to Mr. Ryusuke Yokoyama, an executive officer of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., "JPX and NTT Com have a well-established relationship as partners supporting Japanese market infrastructure with the necessary network and datacenters. We sincerely appreciate that investors will benefit from enhanced connections between JPX and foreign exchanges through NTT Com’s robust resources, including low-latency global cable networks, datacenters that are in proximity of foreign exchanges and offer connectivity to multiple markets, and strong local working relationships in markets worldwide. We have great expectations for NTT Com as our partner to help us realize increased customer satisfaction."

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