Tuesday, 4th August 2020

Admiral Group PLC chooses LANDesk to transform IT management and service desk support

LANDesk will provide a mobile service desk solution to enhance end-user support for 5,500 employees.

Admiral Group PLC, a leading UK car insurance provider, has chosen LANDesk to transform the IT support it provides to 5,500 employees. The two companies have signed an agreement that will see the instalment of LANDesk Service Desk, enabling Admiral to meet its users’ needs today and as its business develops.

Admiral was finding it increasingly difficult to meet the service needs of a growing and more mobile workforce using its established IT management systems. Existing support software was inaccessible on mobile devices, reinforcing the requirement for PCs, despite the benefits of greater mobility to productivity. Additionally, the IT team were compelled to navigate outdated processes across disparate support systems, so found it difficult to manage issues through to a rapid resolution.

‘‘For Admiral’s employees to work productively, they need reliable, modern technology. One of the key frustrations for our IT team is not being able to address technology issues quickly enough, especially for the newer end-user devices and applications,’’ said Harvey Sandhu, Technical Support Manager, Admiral. ‘’We realised our IT staff needed help to more easily log and manage all incidents, regardless of where they were working from or the end-user environment, allowing them to solve problems quickly and let employees get on with their jobs. After talking to LANDesk, we recognised they had a solution that could help us.’’

After thorough competitive due diligence and stringent on-site demos were completed, Admiral decided LANDesk provided the solution that met their needs. LANDesk will provide Admiral with a complete service desk solution, including LANDesk Self Service, which enables quick, efficient and direct interactions with the IT team.

‘‘Our experience with LANDesk has been refreshing. The LANDesk team was responsive and helpful, which convinced us we’d be able to work well with the company as a partner,’’ continued Harvey. ‘‘From the initial contact through to now, the team has always been on hand with quick, complete and accurate responses. The whole process has run incredibly smoothly and we anticipate that LANDesk’s integrated solution will answer all of our needs.’’

“Admiral is one of the most respected names in the insurance industry. It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to deliver a solution that will help its business succeed,” said Nigel Seddon, Sales Director at LANDesk. “We’re confident Admiral’s employees will notice the IT team are more responsive and able to address their issues faster, helping them do their jobs more effectively. Staff in the IT department should also see the benefits, as they’ll be able to make better use of their time and add more value.”

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