Monday, 16th December 2019

Be cyber attack free during the festive period

It has been a tumultuous year for cybersecurity, with endless security breaches hitting the headlines. Perhaps most recently, social media giant, Facebook, saw its largest security breach ever in September, with 50 million Facebook users allegedly left exposed by a security flaw. It’s no surprise that the adoption of IT security solutions in corporate businesses is on the rise, with 1.9 billion personal and sensitive data records compromised between January 2017 and March 2018. By Adrian Jones,...

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The Magnificent Seven: How to modernise your security operations

The main issues we see arise with cybersecurity strategies seem to link to efforts that arise when businesses look to modernise these operations – they have too few people, too many security tools and too little insight on where the attacks are coming from and how they are be carried out. By Simon Church, General Manager and Executive Vice President, Europe at Optiv.

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Is it time for a cyber hygiene check-up?

By Katie Curtin-Mestre, VP of Product and Content Marketing, CyberArk.

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Iron Rain: What Defines a Cyber Insurgency?

By Tom Kellermann, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, and Rick McElroy, Security Strategist at Carbon Black.

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Ferrari: A New Perspective on Cybersecurity

Ferrari took a strategic decision to choose Kaspersky Lab as their IT Security provider. They wanted to introduce more stringent IT security measures, both to protect their core business and to ensure an increase in safety. Find out more in this exclusive video.

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