Friday, 24th January 2020

Amazon Web Services introduces two database services

New Database Migration Service with Schema Conversion Tool makes it easy for customers to migrate production databases to AWS with almost no downtime.

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Big Data needs best practices

Analytics projects that utilise big data or advanced analytics are increasingly popular but present a heightened risk of failure, according to Gartner, Inc. Analytics leaders can improve the likelihood of success by following five best practices.

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Digital economy to hit ?3.2trillion during second digital revolution

Enterprise technology spending to double to more than ?1 trillion by 2025, Traditional communications and broadband connectivity spend to decline, Digital advertising spend will rise to ?254 billion.

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UK companies slow to embrace digital transformation

New Digital Effectiveness Index reveals companies with successful digital transformation strategies benefit from double the revenue growth compared to mainstream organisations.

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brightsolid launches Business Insights Model

Designed to help businesses access the value of big data.

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Red Bull Racing teams with IBM

Red Bull Racing has renewed its agreement to team with IBM Spectrum Computing for a further four years, until 2020. Red Bull relies on IBM Spectrum software to manage the data used in the design and development of its RB12 Formula One car, developed to compete in the 2016 season.

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Innovative use of business intelligence software reduces data processing complexity and helps manage...
Businesses need to develop the ability to identify and efficiently manage information throughout...
Cloud and appliances will drive the next wave of adoption, with Spark the fastest growing workload...
Data access, performance enhancements, and expanded support for next generation streaming architectu...
Fastest growing data platform company reports 400 percent year-over-year growth, surpasses 450 cus...
Purpose-built application gives TV commentators at the Tour de France a direct access to li...
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Enhancing the dining experience for McDonald’s Belgium

McDonald’s Belgium partnered with Purple, Cisco Meraki and Socialspot to deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network in over 80 restaurant locations across Belgium.

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